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IDERI note

Who can i notify with IDERI note?

With IDERI note you can address all of your MS Active Directory Users, Computers and Groups. Since version 3 it is possible to send messages to computer objects. The messages will then be displayed to the currently logged on user.

What languages does IDERI note support?

The IDERI note Administrator is localized for the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Frensh

The IDERI note Client supports the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Frensh
  • Italian
  • Croatian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
Can IDERI note be used in a multi domain environment?

Yes, as long as the domains have trust relationsships configured with each other.

Can IDERI note be used on terminal servers (Citrix)?

Yes. IDERI note is fully usable in a terminal server environment. An instance of an IDERI note Client is started for every user so that single users working on the terminal server can still be addressed.

Why isn't the message showing on my client?

Most of the time the answer is very simple. Please check the following first:

  1. What polling intervall is configured for your IDERI note Clients and what timeframe is defined for your message? If the polling frequency is higher than the time the message is valid it could be that the message doesn't show up, because the Client connects to the server for new messages when the validity of the message has expired. Therefore the message won't show.
  2. Is the IDERI note Client installed and started on the PC the message should show?
  3. Does the logged in user or the computer name match the recipient defined for your message?  Or is the user/computer member of the AD group specified as recipient?
  4. Did the user perform a logout and login (restart for computer) after becoming a member of the AD group specified as recipient so that it could sync its new group membership?
  5. Please check with a ping if the client has a connection to the IDERI note Server.
  6. Are all needed ports for IDERI note open on your firewalls between the Client and the Server?

If the message still doesn't show up, please contact us.

Can IDERI note also be used without a MS Active Directory?

While IDERI note is primarily targeted towards enterprise environments that use Active Directory®, it can also be successfully implemented in a workgroup environment. All that is necessary is that you carefully synchronize user names and password of users on client workstations and the computer that is running the IDERI note server. After all, this is the primary functionality and the advantage that a domain in AD has over a workgroup.

In a workgroup environment user names and passwords have to be kept in synch manually. The users also have to be valid users on the computer where the IDERI note service is running. If this requirement can be fulfilled, IDERI note will operate in the exact same way in a workgroup environment as in an AD domain environment.

See also chapter "Using IDERI note in a workgroup environment" in the IDERI note manual.

Can the IDERI note Service be installed on a client OS?

Yes. But this should only be done for evaluation reasons, as a client/workstation OS like Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1 or Windows® 10 has a limitation of concurrent network connections.
For production environments the IDERI note Service should therefore be installed on a server OS.

How do i get the IDERI note components as MSIs?

Run the inote.exe with the parameter "-x" oder "-e=<target path>" (without quotes), or unzip them with an application like 7zip.

Which ports does IDERI note use?

In standard configuration, the IDERI note server uses the standard ports for MS RPC (remote procedure calls), ports 139 and 445 (file and print sharing, remote registry access, WMI, remote service access, etc...), for communication from clients and administrative components to the IDERI note server. Both these two network interfaces of the IDERI note server can be customized in order to run over custom ports of your choice.

See also chapter "Networking prerequisites" in the IDERI note manual.

IDERI note news

Stay up to date. Here you will find the latest news and offers, as well as tips and tricks for IDERI note.

IDERI note 3.2 Release

 Created by Max Renner |   

A new IDERI note release is now available.

The following features are included in the new IDERI note 3.2 Release:


- IDERI note Hotkey Support


IDERI note 3.1 Release

 Created by Sebastian Mann |   

The newest release of IDERI note features the following innovations:

Show messages on logon screen without logged in user, Auto refresh of message...

IDERI note 3.0 Release

 Created by Sebastian Mann |   

The newest release of IDERI note with Version 3.0 adds some exciting and long-awaited innovations.


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